Dahrendorf Daikatana 5-string bass is a beautiful hand-built instrument with a lot of uncommon design features and a distinct sound. Named after a Japanese longsword it has much in common with its predecessor being very sharp and dangerous but at the same time beautiful weapon. This instrument was selected for Bass of the Week on Best Bass Gear!

Unique Construction

Body and neck are made of two matching Sapele halves with a 3/8” Pao Ferro reinforcement in between. This construction work as one unit providing a sharp attack, a deep resonance and an endless sustain.

Lenghtwise halves
Fanned frets

Multiscale Neck

Being a multi-scale with a bell brass fanned frets this instrument have an even string tension and response. No more floppy B-string and stiff high strings! Plus gradually changing radius of the fingerboard from 12″ at the first frets to 24″ at the higher frets provide much more playing comfort than conventional fretboard.

Neodymium Pickups

Our own Dahrendorf Neodymium single-string pickups transmit all the string vibrations independently and truly without cross-string interference. These pickups are single-coils but they’re wound in reverse one after another forming a humbucking row. A sound provided by these pickups is very clean and transparent emphasizing the whole character of the bass.

Neodymium Pickups
Shutter bridge

Shutter Bridge

Our another development is a Dahrendorf Shutters single string separate bridges. These individual bridges are transmitting vibrations from the strings to the body independently from each other. They’re made of bronze (as well as all hardware) which is very hard copper alloy and usually used for casting of bells.

Although bass is designed as «headless» we decided to leave the head on because of an aesthetics.

… and of course Design!

Despite of its modernistic and bold look this instrument is very comfortable because it was designed with ergonomics in mind. Also there are a lot of small features imperceptible at first sight but they’re noticeably improving instrument’s playability.

Small features


Coming soon!


Body and neck: Sapele with Pao Ferro or your choice

Fretboard: Pao Ferro with Maple accents or your choice

Number of frets: 24, Fanned, Bell Bronze

Scale: 36”-33”

Pickups: Dahrendorf Neodymium Single-String or your choice

Bridge: Dahrendorf Shutters Single-String Bell Bronze or your choice

Tuning keys: Dahrendorf Bell Bronze Locks or your choice

Controls: Bridge Pickups Volume, Neck Pickups Volume & Tone or your choice

Finish: Danish Oil or your choice


Starting from $3899