Here at Dahrendorf Guitars we like to clash and mix designs, styles and ages! Imagine how might look the Bass Guitar if it was invented earlier? Say in 19th century. What if Vintage 60's Bass means not the 1960's but 1860's instrument. Open your mind and let the Dynasty guide you to the Golden Age!

Wood & Construction

Body and Neck are made of Sapele. There are a lot of mahogany species available for guitar making but Sapele stands apart from most of them. It is the strongest and hardest wood from all mahagony family. And what really makes this wood so special is its appearance. Pao Ferro (Brazilian “iron” wood) is our favorite wood for fingerboards for the same reasons. This wood is incredible stable and have spectacular appearence. 

Neck is glued onto the single cut body starting from 11th fret and it ends right where the pickup starts deep inside the body. It makes it much stiffer and stable. Scale is 35" for the B string and 33" for G. 

Neodymium Quad Pickup

For this bass we handwound a special Quad Pickup with four coils on Neodymium magnets. They're all hiden under the ellipse Pao Ferro cover. This Quad pickup works as two independent noiseless pickups or one super humbucker with series or parallel connection. Each pair of coils have its own Volume control. As always our Neodymium pickups are clean and full but this time it's more lows and mass in sound because we wound the coils hotter than we usually do. 

We paired this pickup with our own recently designed onboard preamp with 2 bands of EQ. It can boost Bass and boost or cut Treble with additional Bright switch. With this setup bass is very versatile and can be played in any musical genre.


We made all the hardware of solid Brass and specially patinated it for the authentic classic look. Despite there is a vast array of bridges, tining keys, knobs present on the market today sometimes it's not easy to find a proper hardware. For example it's almost impossible to find a solid bridge for multiscale Bass. Highly sophisticated exclusive one-of-a-kind instrument needs a hardware of the same hi-end level! So we decided the best way to get proper hardware is to make it by ourselfes! All the hardware was machined by hand on the old-school milling machines without any CNC. Massive 10mm-thick Bridge is really weighty for the best string-to-body energy transference.

For the classic look we aged hardware with a special process of multiple chemical patination with hand rubbing in between. Only this process can reproduce natural aging of Brass


Body: Sapele Mahogany
Neck: Sapele Mahogany 3-piece with Pao Ferro
Construction: Set-Neck Single cut
Fingerboard: Pao Ferro
Scale: 35"-33"
Pickups: Neodymium Quad 4-Coil
Preamp: Dahrendorf 2-Band EQ with Bass & Treble
Hardware: 2-Piece Brass Bridge
Finish: Oil


Starting from $2699