Sibir is a next generation of Dahrendorf tone machines! Our tried and true Symmetric Design Construction, Neodymium Pickups and our own Hardware are parts of the new superb instrument! Being clean and bright Sibir can cut through any mix or sit right in depends on your wish. Since it's custom made instrument you can choose how it will sound and look like. All specifications depends on your choice!

Symmetric Design

Symmetric Design is a new type of guitar construction in the row of bolt-on, set-neck or neck-through and it was invented no more or less by us. Neck and body are same piece of wood and in contrast to traditional guitar designs conjoined parts aren't body and neck but two symmetric lenghtwise halves of guitar. Because these halves was took from the same board and glued together right through the center line of the guitar the whole construction is perfectly balanced.

So why does it so important? The main benefit is the clarity of sound due to the better resonation. One-wood construction from good tonewood such as Maple has clean sound through out all sound spectrum with pretty high resonative peak. Guitar sounds loud and clean acoustically even unplugged and it's the best foundation for amplified sound. Clean sound with sharp attack and long sustain are defining guitar with character. Crystal clean tones, punchy break-up, chunky riffs and cutting through mix solos this is what you can expect from Sibir!

Neck and Body Shape

Not only Symmetric Design and chioce of hard tonewood working on bright clean nature of the sound. Wide and nice sized neck with two stainless steel truss rods meets body already on 13th fret with deep heelcut. Comfortable high-fret playing and resonative tight construction at the same time!

For best sound traveling through the wood we decided to preserve as much wood as possible so we get rid of cavities for volume and tone pots. This is why you don't see any covers.

It's super to have a lot of wood in the guitar but the drawback of it is weight. To resolve the conflict between tone and weight we made Sibir lens-like with almost 2"-thick center of the body with down to 1" at the edges. The center of body is the critical piece of the guitar handling bridge and pickups while edges are not as important. That's why body thick at the center where all of the sound concentrated and thin on the edges.

As you probabbly already noted it was put a lot of work in guitar's design. Being sound-wise constructed guitar is very ergonomic at the same time and could be played equally comfortable resting on both left or right legs. And of course Sibir is super good looking. Think about Explorer and Les Paul born nice pretty baby.

Fanned Frets

Multiscale instruments have numerous advantages. Feel, tension, sustain, clarity are what these magic fans can do for guitar. We didn't invent them but we know how to make them right! Precise workmanship and proper tool are what we have! What we can add more to the "fan theme" is visual purity of Sibir design. Fingerboard is the natural integral part of the guitar not something alien to it in contrast to what you often can see on traditional body shapes charged with fanned frets.

Because we make instruments based on your individual ideal instrument's specifications list you can choose any scale lenght or scale lenght combination you like. Fret's size and material are fully customasible options as well.

Neodymium Pickups

Neodymium is a magnetic alloy such as Alnico or Ceramic (Ferrite). What make this material so special is its superior magnetic properties. It's just stronger! In the row of magnetic alloys Alnico 2 - Alnico 5 - Ceramic it will stand right next to Ceramic. If we take three identical pickups with identical wire around magnets Neodymium one will induce more current.

We have something special on pickups construction too! How about extra-wide aperture P-type side-by-side humbucker? We have it! Rarely seen on guitars side-by-side humbucker actually is essential part of all-time standard of bass guitar - P-bass. Big hum-cancelling coils are placed side by side - one for 4 wounded strings and one for 3 unwounded. With moderate output humbucker's resistance P-bass humbucker has higher output and a lot of treble almost on the active pickups' territory. Neck pickup has rounded full lows because of position and transparant trebles because of lower than bridge pickup's resistance. Perfect for everything beetween full and transparant clean chords and deep but very articulated high gain solos. Bridge pickup is fist-hard focused and punching hard crunchy riffs (and don't forget about 7th string!) and cutting lazer-sharp solos.


Despite there is a vast array of bridges, tining keys, knobs present on the market today sometimes it's not easy to find a proper hardware. For example it's almost impossible to find a solid bridge for multiscale guitar especially with 7 or more strings. Highly sophisticated exclusive one-of-a-kind instrument needs a matching hardware of the same hi-end level! So we decided the best way to get proper hardware is to make it by ourselfes! In addition to exclusiveness this aproach give other numerous advantages.

Base of the bridge was machined from a large piece of solid aircraft-grade Aluminium alloy. Narrow slots was cut specially for preserving a metal for more stiffness. Locking saddles are made of Solid Brass as well as stud ferrules while studs are stainless steel. A whole system has perfect string-to-body transference.

The stopbar, knobs and rotary pickup switch are Solid Aluminium alloy. Every piece of hardware are specially custom machined for exact guitar with exact specifications. A true one-of-a-kind guitar!



Construction: Dahrendorf Symmetric
Body and Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Pao Ferro Rosewood
Scale: 27-1/4" - 25-1/4"
Pickups: Dahrendorf Neodymium SbS Splits 7-String
Bridge: Dahrendorf SolAl 7-String
Controls: Volume, Tone, 3-Way rotary pickup switch
Finish: Custom



Starting from $2499